After feeling like my photographic mojo and motivation is on the rise again after being at a bit of a low over the last year or so, I've decided that for 2015 I'm going to do my own take on the popular 365 photo project idea, taking and posting a new picture every day over the course of the year. I'm hoping that the daily commitment will help to push my photography in new directions, learn new skills and ultimately improve my work.

I'd like to break the project up by having a different theme each month (one month only shooting portraits, one month shooting solely at a particular aperture etc). I'd appreciate any theme ideas that you all may have. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below!

Also, have any of you taken on a photo a day project? How do you feel it impacted on your photography? Did you have any problems keeping motivated/inspired with your project and how did you overcome that?