New Beginnings...

Having become the incredibly proud new father of a beautiful wee girl, I decided that now is the time to attempt taking my love for photography to the next level (After all, how could I teach her to follow her dreams and make a career out of doing something she loves if I didn't try to do the same myself?).  So, as with many other amateur photographers like myself, the first logical step is to start an official website to show some of my photographs to a wider audience than Mrs Thomson and a few friends.

I could be accused of many things, but being the most talkative of people is not one of them (Just ask Mrs Thomson*). I wasn't sure if including a blog was the most sensible of ideas.

But having been an avid reader of many photo/tech blogs for many years, I know just how helpful they can be to the hobbyists like myself. Especially once you venture outside of the big name brands and start experimenting with vintage lenses/third party accessories etc.

So, hopefully over the course of my blogging, I can share some of my own thoughts that may be of some use to someone out there like myself.


*As far as my website and appearing on it goes, my wife is the kind of woman who would like to remain completely anonymous. So feel free to imagine her as a Mrs Columbo figure, whose very existence is questionable.