Work That Matters...

"Nobody is interested in seeing your photographs. Nobody cares about the work you’re doing as a photographer..."

I really like Ted Forbes and his youtube channel, The Art of Photography. I've been following it for some time now and I've found much inspiration and motivation in many of his videos.

He posted this video a few months ago and I've watched it a few times now and taken different things from it on different viewings. I'm not sure that I entirely agree with him and I'm not even sure that he makes his point 100% clearly, but I do think that it's a video that should be watched by all creatives. I think that if you class yourself as an artist, then undoubtedly you strive to make work that matters to someone. But is it really important to you that it matters to anyone other than yourself? What do you think?

monday discussion - selfie psychopaths?

Are you a selfie addict?

Do you have psychopathic tendencies?

An article I recently read (here) about an extensive study of 800 18-40 year old men by Ohio State University claims that those men who post selfies online are likely to share some personality traits with pyschopaths (namely narcissism and self-objectification). 

Do you feel the rise in selfie culture is having a negative impact and fostering these kind of traits (in both men and women) or do you think it's all just a bit of harmless fun?

Please post your thoughts below and lets get a little thoughtful discussion going to start the week...


New Year Inspiration

It's a new year and a new opportunity to take a fresh look at your work and where you want to take it through the following year and beyond.

For those of you like myself who don't yet photograph for a living and benefit from an inspirational push from time to time to remind them that they could be, might find a lot to like in the following blog post from photographer Jenna Martin... 

10 Photography New Year Resolutions


After feeling like my photographic mojo and motivation is on the rise again after being at a bit of a low over the last year or so, I've decided that for 2015 I'm going to do my own take on the popular 365 photo project idea, taking and posting a new picture every day over the course of the year. I'm hoping that the daily commitment will help to push my photography in new directions, learn new skills and ultimately improve my work.

I'd like to break the project up by having a different theme each month (one month only shooting portraits, one month shooting solely at a particular aperture etc). I'd appreciate any theme ideas that you all may have. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below!

Also, have any of you taken on a photo a day project? How do you feel it impacted on your photography? Did you have any problems keeping motivated/inspired with your project and how did you overcome that?

Weekend Inspiration

I know this has already made the rounds on many photography sites and in more mainstream news media, but if you haven't already seen it, here's a great collaboration between actor John Malkovich and photographer Sandro Miller. They've been working together since 2013 to recreate a number of iconic images by Miller's photographic heroes. Lots of fun and proof, if any were needed, of how great an actor Malkovich is...

Sandro Miller/John Malkovich homage to Dorothea Lange's 'Migrant Mother'.

A Little Mid-Week Inspiration

Later this week, I have some news to share about a new project that I'm working on that I'm hoping some of you will get involved in. But for now, I thought I'd share a little mid-week inspiration. This is a BBC Imagine documentary from 2013 on one of my photographic heroes: Don McCullin. Not only a truly great photographer, but considering all the places he's been and things that he's witnessed, also a seemingly very humble and grounded human being. Pretty powerful viewing and I'd recommend anyone watch it, whether you're interested in photography, history, humanitarian issues or none of the above!


And if you don't have 90 minutes to spare, spend 3 and a half with this one first...


I think that at the best of times, we all have troubles with motivation and inspiration for our art, whatever it may be. If you're struggling through one of those times, you could do a lot worse than take 20 minutes out and watch this video...

New Beginnings...

Having become the incredibly proud new father of a beautiful wee girl, I decided that now is the time to attempt taking my love for photography to the next level (After all, how could I teach her to follow her dreams and make a career out of doing something she loves if I didn't try to do the same myself?).  So, as with many other amateur photographers like myself, the first logical step is to start an official website to show some of my photographs to a wider audience than Mrs Thomson and a few friends.

I could be accused of many things, but being the most talkative of people is not one of them (Just ask Mrs Thomson*). I wasn't sure if including a blog was the most sensible of ideas.

But having been an avid reader of many photo/tech blogs for many years, I know just how helpful they can be to the hobbyists like myself. Especially once you venture outside of the big name brands and start experimenting with vintage lenses/third party accessories etc.

So, hopefully over the course of my blogging, I can share some of my own thoughts that may be of some use to someone out there like myself.


*As far as my website and appearing on it goes, my wife is the kind of woman who would like to remain completely anonymous. So feel free to imagine her as a Mrs Columbo figure, whose very existence is questionable.